The Movements - The World, the Flesh and the Devill LP

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Four years after the debute full length album came out on Alleycat Records, The Movements album 'The World, The Flesh And The Devil' saw the light of day. This is a much darker album than it's predecessor, and it also carries several other influences apart from the 1960's psychadelic garage-rock (the pop-rock of the 1980's, for one). The album has had alot of success, and it's still counted as one of the bands best work to date.

Side A:
1. How Long Is Too Long
2. Underdog
3. Approximately 24 Hours
4. Misunderstood
5. The Fun Ain't For Free

Side B:
1. Tranquilizing View
2. Save Me
3. I Am You
4. No Such Thing
5. Grain Of Oats
6. Going To Your House

by Movements, The


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