The Kendolls - Jerking Class Era

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The Kendolls - Jerking Class Era

Released in 2011

If this is what madness sounds like, then wouldn't we all like to go insane? 'Jerking Class Era' is the debute full length album by raw, wild and melodic punk-rock-garage outfit The Kendolls. Twelve songs of raw power from one of Gothenburgs wildest bands.

"Either you hate or you love The Kendolls. And the music is easy to love.." /

"The Kendolls debut album is a future cult album for sure" /Chemical Magazine

"Punk rock meets rock and roll meets pop tunes meets a lot of screaming. Twelve songs and not one failure, full purchase recommendation! /

1. Panic Extravaganza
2. Pepperoni Pilgrim
3. Beat Myself To Sleep
4. Re-Pulse
5. No One Likes Me. Why?
6. Cycle Of Pigs
7. Everything Is Great
8. Into The Grey
9. On All Four
10. Young Skin
11. My Supersweet 365
12. This Is What You Get

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