The High Hats - Too Much Is Never Enough (CD)

The High Hats - Too Much Is Never Enough (CD)

Artist: The High Hats
Title: Too Much Is Never Enough (CD)
Released in: 2007
Format: CD
Color: Blank
Copies: 1000

What if Blag Dahlia, Brian Wilson and Joey Ramone decided to drop some acid while recording drunken-punk-party-anthems? The High Hats 'Too Much Is Never Enough' is a furious love affair between the bootle, the dope and the broken heart. It'll show you that the frown that comes after a night of 'chemical-fun' can easily be turned upside down. "Too much is never enough" won an award for the best rock album of the year in 2007 in Sweden.

1. I Overdid It
2. Easy
3. Bitterswede
4. S.N.A.
5. Belive
6. So Messed Up
7. I'm Doing Fine
8. Everybody's Scoring Dope
9. Pissdrunk
10. Go Ahead
11. Gimme Something
12. Fun In The Sun
13. I Love Drugs (I Love You)
14. Let's Kill Ourselves Tonight

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