Quit Your Dayjob - Word Domination

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Quit Your Dayjob - Word Domination

Released in 2011

Why would you ever want to grow up? What's the point in living your one and only life according to the grey and tame social rules that boring people expect you to follow? Quit You Day Job wants you to do precisely what their name tells you to.

They also want you to get fucked up and spastically wave your arms around to the primitive and insanely danceable beat that they are providing. Simple, wild and weird.. 'Word Domination' is a wonderful surf-punked electro escape from the world of stuck-up humans. Go ape!

1. Enviromental
2. Yummy Dummy
3. Punk Stew
4. Drunk All Over The World
5. Joan of Ass
6. Arian Barbarian
7. Gin Tonic Eyes
8. Monks In The Nunnery
9. Party Was Arty
10. Heavy Metal Mice
11. La Metadona
12. Say It Loud I'm A Freak And I'm Proud
13. Donut
14. Bodybag Man
15. A Clone In My Closet
16. Save It For Madison Square garden

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