Impo & The Tents - Impo & The Tents

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Impo & The Tents - Impo & The Tents

Released in 2010

Have you ever been turned down by an ugly girl? Is your attitude towards adults and grown-ups more bitter than sweet? Well, you are not alone. Impo & The Tents understand you - they have even made an LP just for you. With their spasticly anxious and sexually frustrated juvenile pop-punk they prove that filth always conquer fashion.

The songs on the debutalbum are short, so if you don’t like them, they’re over before you know it. If you do like them on the other hand, there’s sixteen of them!

Side A:
1. Ugly Girl
2. Don't Wanna
3. Bubblegum Machine
4. I Know For A Fact
5. Cheese Doodles
6. Find Youself A Way
7. The Cricket Song
8. Earthworm

Side B:
1. Boyfriends
2. I Want You
3. I Hate You
4. Straitjacket
5. Underachiver
6. My Sin Is My Pride
7. Eat Her Out
8. Manowar Woman