Impo & The Tents - Don´t Give Me Your Number

Impo & The Tents - Don´t Give Me Your Number

Released 2012

A great blue waxed 7" heavy vinyl with four songs that are as catchy as they are unfriendly. Impo & The Tents does not want to be your buddy, but they will act like they do just to get to your little sister.. and then never return her calls.

"Muted chord bursts, the clam before the storm, letting loose for a verse explosion. Chugging away on the stuttered strangled chords because they're about to set it loose with a Devo style nasal vocal going way into the high range, seriously competent delivery with out much effects.

Sounding like The Futureheads, they have these powerful instincts they're running right towards a masterplan. The heavy delivery with lots of layered chorus, all crispy recorded, patiently waiting for a replay " - /7 Inches Blogspot

Side A:
1. Don't Give Me Your Number
2. Four Eyes

Side B:
1. Tonight
2. Eating From My Hand

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