Hotet - Ny dag, nya jävligheter (7')

Hotet - Ny dag, nya jävligheter (7')

Artist: Hotet
Title: Ny dag, nya jävligheter
Released in: 2018
Color: Black
Copies: 300

Hotets debut EP "Ny dag, nya jävligheter" was pressed in a limited edition. (300 copies, all on black vinyl)

Catchy kick ass punkrock from Gothenburg. If you are into Masshysteri you will go bananas on this one. Standing punk rock-drummers who fron the band rule my world. Its so wrong that it becomes perfect. Or wait a minute, perfect ain´t punk at all! Well, this record sure is, enjoy!

Side A:
A1. Kalla händer
A2. Sakna oss

Side B:
B1. Ny dag, nya jävligheter
B2. För varann

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