Image of The Scrags - S/T (CD)

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The Scrags - S/T (CD)


Aggressive and groovy; The Scrags and their selftitled debute album crawls into the safe zone of the listener. They shake, they break and they create a mescaline infused nightmare in every brain that gets to experience the horror-soaked garage-rock that is The Scrags. BoOooOOoh!

Bored to Death! 9/10: "Perfect for teaching your lil sister the definition of good shit"

Musiklandet 4/5: "The speakers fold and all you can think of is to raise the volume"

OX-Fanzine (Germany) – 8/10: “Earthy, rough and mean” 4/5: “I doubt that no one has ever done this thing better than the Scrags.”

1. Psycho Cyclone
2. Death Of A Rock Band
3. Texan Cheinsaw Massacre
4. Mad Passion
5. Twist At The Graveyard
6. Killing Truth
7. Danger Closing In
8. Real Loser
9. Frankenstein
10. In The Devils Hands
11. One Night
12. Tv Messed-Up Mind

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