Image of The Movements - Grains of Oats (CD)

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The Movements - Grains of Oats (CD)


This is the first album ever relased on Alleycat Records, and boy - what a way to start the journey!
'Grains Of Oats' is also the first album for The Movements; a psychadelic garage-rock experience that re-diffines the meaning of exploring and progressing the free sounds of the 60's. A true classic.

1. It Starts With A Whisper
2. Cry For You
3. Looking For A Change
4. Being
5. Five Steps Ahead
6. Instead Of Catching A Disease (I Caught A Thing Called Love)
7. Image In The Mirror
8. Conceptual Love
9. Circle Ain't Round
10. Ain't Gonna Let You Mess Me Up
11. Space Autopsy
12. Ragdoll
13. I Don't Wanna Be Like You

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