Image of Sweet Addiction - Class n´Dignity (CD)

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Sweet Addiction - Class n´Dignity (CD)


Furiously raw rock n' roll from Gothenburg City! Sweet Addiction will make you think of bands like Hellacopters, Backyard Babies, MC5 and.. something else. Something you just can't put your finger on. But it's just that something that'll make you bang your head a little bit harder. And it's that something that makes 'Class and Dignity' sound like no other high energy rock n' roll album you've ever heard before.

1. Sound OF The Revolution
2. Lord Of Lies
3. D.I.Y. Girls
4. Give Me Some Death
5. Spiritual Negro
6. Pick Your Poison
7. Miss Demeanor
8. The Boys Are Back
9. The Sick Kids Have Grown Up
10. Today We Kill, Tomorrow We Die
11. Going Out In Style

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